About Us

We’ve changed!

You might have noticed something different about us. We have made the decision to change our logo to a design that better represents the ‪#‎voyageursnation‬ we are all a part of.

The compass is a symbol synonymous with adventure. When embarking on a University education, students commit to the adventure of a lifetime. At the Students’ General Association, we promise to guide students on their journey of self discovery and professional development. Just as the compass is an essential tool for any voyageur, we provide services essential to a successful University career. We have also made the decision to include both official languages and an Ojibwe translation facilitated by the Indigenous Student Affairs office and one of Laurentian’s elders.

We want to build on the foundation of pride and tradition at Laurentian University and instil the spirit of the North into everything we do. Allons-y les voyageurs!

Our Mission

The Students’ General Association is the largest bilingual student association at Laurentian University. For 45 years, the SGA has been governed by elected students and supported by full time staff. The SGA acts as the collective voice of the students at the University and greater community.

Executive Team

  • Kraymr Grenke
    Kraymr Grenke President

    Kraymr is the leading official of the Association and responsible for coordinating new policies, services and our strategic vision. Kraymr also coordinates with Executive branch, the University and community partners.

  • Daniel Melchior
    Daniel Melchior Vice President (Student Life)

    Daniel is responsible for activities, events, and campaigns for students. He is responsible for aiding student groups in their operations, events and initiatives. Daniel also works to develop and enhance services offered to students.

  • Abraham King
    Abraham King Vice President (Policy and Advocacy)

    Abraham advocates on behalf of the students to the University and Government officials. He is also responsible for raising awareness of key issues among the student body and developing new student driven initiatives.

Our Staff

  • Amanda Lachapelle
    Amanda Lachapelle Chief Operating Officer

    Amanda is responsible for a variety of student service provisions. She manages the sales, staffing and interactions of the the V-Desk and provides front line support while managing the overall operations of the association. If you have questions about the bus pass or health plan, Amanda is your point of contact.

  • Victoria Drysdale
    Victoria Drysdale Director of Communications

    Victoria is responsible for driving creative concepts behind the Association and implementing them through a variety of graphic media.  She also manages our website, the SGA APP and social media channels.

  • Jenna Thornber
    Jenna Thornber Director of Outreach

    Jenna is the main point of contact for student clubs on campus and coordinates events, sponsorships and other initiatives for Association organizations. She also develops outreach projets both on campus and throughout the Greater Sudbury community.

  • Kundan Krishna
    Kundan Krishna Finance Manager

    Kundan is responsible for processing invoices, expenses, payments and maintaining the books for the SGA and its’ operations.

  • Jason Maeda
    Jason Maeda Executive Assistant

    Jason is the jack of all trades in the office, ready to help with day to day life, special events and sponsorship.

  • Emilie Filion
    Emilie Filion Translation and Language Coordinator

    Emilie is responsible for providing French translations for all our public content including policies, social media and web.

  • Megan Pinkerton
    Megan Pinkerton Social Media Ambassador

    Megan is our resident snapchat pro! You’ll find her behind the camera, capturing events and showcasing student life.


  • Astrid Fournier
    Astrid Fournier Senator
  • Graham Yeo
    Graham Yeo Senator
  • Alyssa Mifflin
    Alyssa Mifflin Senator
  • Connor Koch
    Connor Koch Senator