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Each academic year, all clubs must reapply for ratification. Ratification periods only occur twice per academic year:  March and October.

Clubs that are ratified by the end of March will be considered active going into the following academic year. Clubs ratified at the end of October will be active the following January.

All new clubs that wish to be active in the following academic year need to submit a ratification form!


Jenna Thornber

(705)-675-1151 x 1350

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Want to join a club? Take a look at the list of clubs below, you can email them and check them out on their social media as well!

  • Laurentian

    Spread mental health awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health through stress-reducing initiatives on campus.

  • First Love
    First Love

    Un ministère au Campus de jeunes plein d’un premier amour pour Dieu. Notre but est d’utiliser les ressources (études bibliques, prières, chants, danses, jeux pour offrir un soutien spirituel, academique et social en français).

  • Laurentian Architecture Student Association
    Laurentian Architecture Student Association

    Student board present at the Mcewen School of Architecture, planning and organizing events and activities for the student body.

  • Laurentian Christian Fellowship
    Laurentian Christian Fellowship LCF

    Laurentian Christian Fellowship (LCF) is an informal, non-member group (affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) made up of students from all different programs.

  • Laurentian for Literacy/Frontier College

    Laurentian for Literacy is a not-for-profit organization that provides volunteer tutoring opportunities to post-secondary students. We also assist elementary-school students to build strong literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Laurentian Game Society
    Laurentian Game Society Laurentian Game Society

    The Laurentian Game Society exists to help provide entertaining events where people can come together to play a variety of different games.

  • Laurentian International Indian Student Association
    Laurentian International Indian Student Association

    To promote the cultural diversity, heritage of India by organizing events to bring all the Indian international students to a common platform.

  • Laurentian Interprofessional Health Council
    Laurentian Interprofessional Health Council

    LIHC helps students in healthcare professions learn collaboratively within and across their disciplines at LU, in order to gain the knowledge, skills and values necessary to work with other healthcare professionals.

  • Laurentian Newman Club
    Laurentian Newman Club

    This club is for students interested in Catholicism, and its purpose is to allow students to grow intellectually and spiritually while offering the chance to fellowship with each other.

  • Laurentian Relay For Life LU Relay For Life

    We are a non-profit organization run through the Canadian Cancer Society that raises money for cancer research and support programs for people fighting against cancer. We have one event each year in March for 12 hrs.

  • Laurentian University Anime Club
    Laurentian University Anime Club

    A safe space where fans of all things anime can meet and make connections in this crazy University life.

  • Laurentian University Canadian coalition for global health research student chapter (LU-CCghrsc)
    Laurentian University Canadian coalition for global health research student chapter (LU-CCghrsc)

    The club’s purpose is to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary student research and networking in global health, locally, nationally and globally.

  • Laurentian University Chemical Engineering Chapter LUChEC

    We are a club that partakes in educational outings and gatherings revolving around chemical/process/metallurgical engineering.

  • Laurentian University eSports
    Laurentian University eSports LUeS

    Providing opportunities to Laurentian students who participate in video games in order to strengthen and develop a social environment through community-oriented activities, recreational gaming, tournaments, and more.

  • Laurentian University History Society
    Laurentian University History Society L.U.H.S.

    The LUHS is a club dedicated to exploring history outside of the classroom through fun and engaging activities and events. We seek to prove that history is not just interesting, but relevant and exciting.

  • Laurentian University hungry hungry hippos association
    Laurentian University hungry hungry hippos association

    To provide the game and service of hungry hungry hippos to the student body at laurentian, and to foster a sense of inclusiveness while doing it.

  • Laurentian University Political Science Association
    Laurentian University Political Science Association

    Student association aiming to engage any and all Laurentian students in Canadian and international politics.

  • Laurentian University Women in Engineering
    Laurentian University Women in Engineering LUWIE

    This club aims to support women in engineering by providing a safe and open community. In addition, this club hopes to provide opportunities for women in and out of the classroom through various events/opportunities.

  • Laurentian University Zoology association
    Laurentian University Zoology association

    We hope to Bring together members of the laurentian community interested in zoology or biology, create connections, host fun events, and organize resume-enhancing volunteering experiences in a variety of settings.

  • Law at Laurentian
    Law at Laurentian LAWLU

    Law at Laurentian (LAWLU) is a student-run club that aims to engage all Law and Justice students along with other students who are interested in the legal field of study, by organizing events and volunteer opportunities.

  • LU We Charity
    LU We Charity LUWC

    The purpose of LUWC is to organize fundraising, awareness and social justice campaigns for We Charity, both globally and locally. A secondary objective is to volunteer with local organizations, to enact local change.

  • MEDLIFE Laurentian MEDLIFE Laurentian

    We are a chapter of MEDLIFE. MEDLIFE is an international organization dedicated to medical and educational development. We do fundraisers to support MEDLIFE initiatives and we send students on service learning trips.

  • Students Offering Support SOS

    Our goal is to help Laurentian’s students raise their marks through exam aid sessions. The profits from these sessions go towards building schools and classrooms around the world!

  • The Cam’s Kids Foundation
    The Cam’s Kids Foundation

    A non-profit organization supporting young adults struggling with anxiety. We provide tips and resources for dealing with anxiety, and run events and initiatives for students.

  • The Premedical support group of laurentian
    The Premedical support group of laurentian

    The club will be a support group for premedical students at laurentian university. by providing mental health support, academic support/motivation, MCAT and medical school application support.

  • Trek for Teens
    Trek for Teens

    Our club raises funds and awareness for homeless youth in Sudbury.

Club Resources

Below you will find all the forms and documents your club might need throughout the year.

Club Ratification Form

Submit this form to get your club ratified.

Withdraw Funds

Submit this form to to request fund withdrawal from your account.

Reimbursement Form

Download & send to for reimbursements.

Great Lakes Pizza Order Form

Place an order for Great Lakes pizza online using this form.

Pub Event Form

Want to host an event at the pub? Fill this form out!

Club Event Approval Form

Submit event information to the SGA using this online form.

Clubs Policy

Rules and policies that govern SGA clubs.

Clubs Handbook

Top Things to Know!

Deposit Form

Complete this form to deposit funds for your club.

Booking Space At Laurentian

Details on how to go about booking space at Laurentian.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my club or ratify my new club?

Renewing your club or ratifying your new club takes place twice per year. The ratification form will be open during the two ratification periods.

March- In order to be active for the upcoming year, clubs must ratify in March every year. This is the main ratification period.

October- Clubs that ratify in October are active right away, however, clubs are required to apply for ratification again in March. This is mainly for new clubs or clubs that missed the March ratification period.

What information do I need to complete the ratification form?

Each academic year every club must reapply for ratification by submitting the club ratification form. Your club will need an updated constitution, membership list, executive team, social media platforms, logo and outline for what they have planned for the upcoming year.

How do I create a constitution?

All clubs must submit a constitution to be considered for ratification. You may submit a constitution of your own creation or use our template located here.

How many people do I need to start a club?

You must have 10 members or interested parties to create a new club. This includes a President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

What clubs are not ratified by the SGA?

Our policy dictates that the SGA is unable to ratify any clubs of radical nature, discriminatory in any way or associated with physical activity. Campus Recreation clubs must contact Mike Sabourin

Can a religious or political group be ratified with the SGA?

We do ratify political and religious clubs.

Where can I find the ratification form to renew my club or ratify my new club?

Current SGA clubs will receive an email notifying that the ratification form is now open and a link will be included in the email. New clubs can find the link on our website as well as on our social media.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the ratification process?

Jenna Thornber is the Director of Outreach for the SGA. If you have questions about the ratification process please email

How do I update clubs information on the website?

If you require your club information to be updated on our clubs list please contact Maddie Lougheed, our Director of Communications at

How can I book a space on campus for my club?

To book a space on campus you will need to contact Lynn Pestell in campus services. This includes tables for bake sales and meeting room spaces. Her email is or you can call her at 705-675-1151 ext 1035

How can I sell tickets for my event at the V-Desk?

The V-Desk is happy to sell tickets for your clubs’ event. To submit a request please email

How can I order pizza for my club?

You can order pizza through the SGA for your club by submitting the pizza order form. The SGA provides a large discount! Please submit orders at least one week in advance.  If you do not receive an email confirming your order within 3 days, please email

How can my club make a charitable donation?

Clubs can make charitable donations through fundraising or sponsorship. Clubs may not make charitable donations with SGA funding. You will need to email the Director of Outreach at with details for the donation including the name of the charity, amount, the address of the charity and any other specifics with the withdrawal of funds form completed and attached to the email.

Can my club apply for additional funding with the SGA?

Clubs can secure additional funding through the SGA by submitting the additional funding request form. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

How can I access my club funds through the SGA banking system?

There are 3 ways to access your club funds through the SGA banking system.

The first method is through reimbursement. Any purchases made out of pocket from any club member can be sent in to get reimbursed. Simply complete and send in the approval of purchase form (which needs to be signed by two signing officers for the club) with receipts. A cheque will be made to that club member and they will receive an email when the cheque is ready for pick up.

The second method is withdrawal. If your club needs cash for an event or a conference please complete the withdrawal form. Note that it will take 2-3 days to get the cash so please complete this form in advance. You will be notified via email when the cash is ready for pick up.

The third method is direct third-party payments. The SGA can pay directly to third-party organizations on behalf of your club. Simply send the invoice to You will receive an email notification that the cheque has been mailed out. Complete the Withdrawal of Funds form and attach it to the email with the invoice.

What are the SGA pizza and coat check fundraisers and how do I sign up?

One of the perks of being an SGA club is that they can sign up for the pizza and coat check at the pub downunder on Thursday nights during the school year. This fundraiser has no cost to the club as the SGA pays for the pizza they that sell.

To sign up, clubs will receive an email from the Director of Outreach with nights that are available. It will be first come, first serve so email back asap.

How do I host an event in the Pub Downunder?

Just complete the Pub Event form and the Clubs Event Approval form.

I want to host an event. What do I need to do?

Clubs must submit the Event Approval form prior to any event being promoted. For guidance or collaboration on an event please contact the Director of Outreach at or the VP Student Life at

How do I deposit funds into my SGA bank account?

If you would like to deposit cash or cheques into your SGA bank account simply bring them to Jenna Thornber, the Director of Outreach, in the SGA office. Any cheques must have Students’ General Association in the payee section with the club name underneath or in the memo section. Clubs will be required to complete the Deposit Form.

Laurentian University Campus Emergency Response Team

CALL US 24/7 – 705-562-5456


lucert new logo-02

What is LUCERT?

Laurentian’s Campus Emergency Response Team is a student-led initiative available to respond to any medical issue on the Sudbury Campus. Volunteers are all Laurentian students and trained at a First Responder level with CPR HCP. LUCERT has partnered with security to assist in any emergency on campus. The team aims to enhance safety in partnership with all available services at Laurentian currently and also provide students with another way to become involved in the school community. LUCERT can also cover events affiliated with Laurentian, by contacting us at our email. They are also joined with Laurentian’s SafeWalk and aim to ensure everyone’s safety while at the university.

Contact Us

(705)- 562-5456

Office located at SSR-G7


24/7 during the regular academic year

Event Coverage

Hosting an event affiliated with Laurentian University? Let us know and we’ll cover it! Fill out this quick form to get started.

Get Involved

We’re looking for dedicated volunteers to join our team! Get involved in the LU community, meet new people and learn life skills.

Our Team

Our team is made up entirely of dedicated volunteer students trained at a First Responded level with CPR HCP.

Safe Walk

Safe Walk is a student-led service that accompanies anyone walking throughout the Laurentian University Sudbury campus. Teams of two can be found wearing blue SafeWalk vests and are always willing to walk individuals to their destinations.

Safe Walk is always looking for new volunteers. Contact for information on applying.

Safe Walk

705-675-1151 ext. 5879

On March 19 and 20, 2014 the Laurentian University SGA held a referendum whether they wanted to build a new Student Centre through an incremental incidental fee that would fund the proposed $10 million dollar project. They voted in favour of the Student Centre.

Laurentian University’s Capital Projects Department is managing the project but, the Student Centre remains a project by the students and for the students! Check out the Student Engagement report below.

Building Description

The Student Centre Building will be a two-story facility with a total of about 15,100 square feet which will contain three key units: the public portion of the building, the membership portion of the building, and the SGA administration area. The main entrance to the building will be located at the south-west corner of the main level. The lower floor is a split level floor with the northern portion constructed at the same elevation as the West Residence and the southern portion of the floorplate constructed 3’ lower.

The primary focal point of the building will be a large atrium space which will include a large fireplace and lounge furniture. This atrium will also be open to the study rooms, games room, and upper floor lobby.

The Student Centre building will be designed to the highest standards of sustainability.

The anticipated completion date is to be summer 2019 so that the Student Centre is ready for the student’s 2019 school year.

The selection of the contractor for the construction of the building will be through a stipulated sum contract that will go out for tender. A general contractor is intended to be selected in January 2018, so construction can begin in February 2018.

The construction budget has been set at $6,900,000.

Opportunity & Student Spaces

The SGA student centre project opens many opportunities for students. There will be student employment opportunities, food and beverage options, and SGA services. In the SGA members-only section of the building, there will be a large atrium space with comfortable lounge furniture, various study spaces, a games room and more.

For More Information

For more information, email your questions to the SGA president at

Download Student Centre Informational Report

Laurentian Womyn’s Centre

The Womyn’s Centre on campus promotes both personal well-being and community on campus. They have events throughout the year that raise awareness of womyn’s issues, as well as the importance of positive self-image and respect. Their office welcomes you stop by and explore the space as well as what they have to offer. Located on the 6th floor of the R.D. Parker Building, room L-620.

Womyn’s Centre

705-675-1151 ext 1089


Pride Laurentian is a very active body on campus. They strive to promote both acceptance and education through a variety of events, information sessions, and support. Located on the 2nd floor of the R.D. Parker Building, room L-228, the Pride Office is open to everyone and they encourage you to stop by! Check out their social media below!

Laurentian Pride

Room P-221

R.D. Parker Building


CKLU is a Laurentian student and community radio station. For over 30 years CKLU has provided alternative radio choices. They offer volunteer opportunities to university students and the community, programming in any language and format, a wide variety of music alternatives, emphasis on local and Canadian artists and varied perspectives on the world. Their programming is created by dedicated volunteers and some of their programs have been airing for more than 2 decades!


85 Elm St.

Sudbury, ON

The Indigenous Students Circle provides a positive and unique experience for Indigenous and Indigenous-minded students attending Laurentian; students from any association are welcome to become ISC members. The ISC focuses on advocacy for Indigenous views and hosting various educational, cultural, and social events on campus.

Indigenous Students Circle

Room US-255

University of Sudbury