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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a club?

Creating a club is quick and easy! If you are starting a brand new club begin by completing the online ratification form. If your club has existed previously you can complete our online renewal form.

How many people do I need to start a club?

You must have 10 members or interested parties to create a new club. This includes a President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

What forms do I need to submit each year?

Each academic year every club must reapply for ratification by submitting the club renewal form. Our Campus and Community Outreach Coordinator will be in touch with next steps including submitting an updated constitution and budget.

Where can I find the forms I need to submit for my club?

Each club is required to submit a variety of forms each year, for ratification, renewal, budget forms and other specific requests. You can find all the club forms on our Resources page. See these forms for ratification and renewal.

When can I apply for club ratification or renewal?

Club ratification takes placed twice during the academic year. The upcoming ratification deadline is September 7, 2016. All documents must be submitted before this date for the club to be active for September 2016.

The following ratification deadline will take place in October 2016. Clubs ratified during this period will be active January 2017.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the ratification process?

Jenna Thornber is the Campus and Community Outreach Coordinator for the SGA. If you have questions about the ratification or renewal process please email

How do I update clubs information on the website?

If you require your club information to be updated on our clubs list please contact Victoria Drysdale, our Director of Communications at

How can I book a space on campus for my club?

You can book a space on campus using our booking form. If you have questions regarding this process please email

How can my club make a charitable donation?

Clubs can make charitable donations through fundraising or sponsorship. Clubs may not make charitable donations with SGA funding. Please complete the donation form on our resources page.

How can my club secure additional funding through the SGA?

Clubs can secure additional funding through the SGA by submitting the additional funding request form. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

How can I sell tickets for my event at the V-Desk?

The V-Desk is happy to sell tickets for your clubs’ event. To submit a request please submit the V-Desk ticket sales form at least one week in advance.

How can I order pizza for my club?

You can order pizza through Toppers Pizza for your club by submitting the pizza order form. Please submit orders at least one week in advance. Order cancellations or alterations must be made at least three hours prior to delivery time.

Does the SGA provide discounts on pizza orders for clubs?

Yes! The SGA provides Toppers Pizza discounts for ratified SGA clubs. View prices here.

How can get reimbursed for a purchase I made for my club?

You can get reimbursed for Club expenses by emailing the approval of purchase form to You must attach a scanned copy of all receipts to this email. All purchases must be approved by clubs signing officers.

How do I create a constitution?

All clubs must submit a constitution to be considered for ratification. You may submit a constitution of your own creation or use our template located here.

What clubs are not ratified by the SGA?

Our policy dictates that the SGA is unable to ratify any clubs of radical nature, discriminatory in any way or associated with physical activity. Recreational clubs must contact Sebastian Shushan with Campus Rec at

Can a religious or political group be ratified with the SGA?

New policy changes dictate that we are able to ratify religious groups as SGA clubs. Funding for these groups is presently under review.

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