Employment Opportunities

Current Employment Opportunities with the Students’ General Association

Policy Writer

The SGA/AGÉ is looking for a Policy Writer to assist in composing, maintaining and clarifying the policies, procedures and constitution of the association. Our policy writer should be organized and competent with the SGA/AGÉ’s governance and structure. Experience in policy writing and attention to detail will set apart the best among the candidates. The goal for this position is to help compose, format and advance operational policy for the association. This position will work closely with the Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy and President of the SGA/AGÉ.

Media Technician

The SGA is looking to hire a summer student for a position in their communications department. The position requires some given knowledge in standard communications and digital media. The candidate will work closely with other students throughout the summer and will be supervised by the Director of Communications. Preference will be given to those students with experience in the abilities below.

Welcome Week Coordinator

The SGA is looking for a Welcome Week Coordinator to assist in the sponsorship and organization of events for the SGA’s upcoming Welcome Week. The position will be responsible but not limited to sponsorship, event management and creating follow-up reports for each event. Our Welcome Week coordinator should be well-organized and competent with the SGA’s services, Communication skills, organization and attention to detail will set apart the best among the candidates. The goal for this position is to help attain sponsorship for Welcome Week 2018 and to help organize unforgettable events. This position will work closely with the
Vice President of Student life and the Director of Programming.