Employment Opportunities

Current Employment Opportunities with the Students’ General Association

Volunteer Recruitment

The SGA is recruiting volunteers for our Welcome Week Team and V-Crew! As an SGA volunteer you will be an integral part of the team, making sure all students have an amazing university experience. Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, gain valuable experience and give back to your Laurentian community. Fill out our quick application form to express your interest in becoming a part of our growing team.

Board of Directors – Board Member

The SGA/AGÉ is the largest bilingual undergraduate association at Laurentian University. The SGA/AGÉ is a nonprofit organization that exists to serve the students. There are approximately 5100 SGA/AGÉ student members at Laurentian University. We provide comprehensive representation, services, social and cultural enhancements to the student body. We create opportunities, encourage communication and participation, support growth and we make the time spent as a student more enjoyable.

As a board member of the SGA/AGÉ, you will be responsible for providing oversight for the association as part of the Board of Directors. Board members of the SGA/AGÉ Board of Directors shall be the ultimate decision-making authority of the Association

Student Job: Social Media Ambassador

Want to join our awesome marketing team? Do you live on social media? Do you speak hashtags? Can you sling your snapchat in one hand and instagram in the other? Want to report on Laurentian and student events and get paid for it? Then this is the job for you!

The SGA is looking for a driven social media ambassador to attract and interact with our virtual followers. The social media ambassador should have a solid understanding of how each popular social media channel works and how to optimize content.

This part time position is open to SGA students and will require a flexible schedule.

Student Job: Photographer (Events and Pub)

Want to join our awesome marketing team? Do you dream of aperture settings and love talking about shutter speeds? Do you see the world in frames? Do you like to capture amazing moments? Then it sounds like you may be a good fit for our photographer position!

We are looking for a passionate Photographer to capture moments on film and to use images to tell the SGA and the Pub DownUnder’s story. The successful candidate will be able to achieve technical, qualitative and quantitative goals while meeting project’s needs and deadlines.

This part time position is open to SGA students and will require a flexible schedule.

Student Job: Translator

The SGA is looking for a Translator. The translators’ duties are to interpret written materials into French documents and to ensure meaning and context is maintained in the language of translation.

This part time position is open to SGA students.

Student Job: Pub DJ

The Pub Downunder is a full-service pub and lounge located down under the Great Hall. As a DJ you will be expected to provide an original mix from a diverse music selection. The successful applicant will have experience as a DJ in a bar setting and should be able to provide original music for pub nights and cater to music selection that match various special events in the Pub.