Fee Breakdown

Where does your money go?

You work hard for your money, and we want you to know exactly where it’s going. As a non-profit organization, the Students’ General Association puts each of your hard earned dollars back into making your university experience the very best it can be. If you have any questions regarding our fees please use the contact form below.

Laurentian University Compulsory Fees 2017-2018

Student ID Card $4.00
Athletics $85.95
Health Services $20.00
Life Insurance $4.00
College or Professional Schools $10.00
Students Recreation Centre Levy $75.00
Student Center Fee $5.00
Access Copyright Fee $12.00
Total Compulsory Fees $215.95




LAMBDA (Student Newspaper) $10.00
CKLU 96.7 FM  (Radio Station) $10.00
OUSA (Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance) $5.00
CFS (Canadian Federation of Students) $16.48
Events $20.00
Student Government $115.00
Sustainability $5.00
Welcome Week $20.00
Health Plan Administration $4.00
Aspiria Mental Health and Wellness $3.00
Health Plan* $140.00
Dental Plan* $120.00
Student Centre Fee $114.00
Women’s Centre $3.00
World University Service of Canada $3.00
LUCERT $3.00
Laurentian University Pride Centre $3.00
Athletic Therapy Clinic $5.00
UPASS Admin Fee $6.00
UPASS* $190.00
Total SGA Fees $795.48
Total Incidental & SGA Fees  $1,011.43

*Opt-out available.