Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the Governing body of the association. All major decisions must be pass through the board before taking effect. The board is composed of the executives, senators, one representative from on campus students, one representative from the Laurentian University and/or Sudbury community and one representative from each identified constituency group. The board is responsible for approving budgets and annual operations of the SGA/AGÉ. It is also responsible for recognizing other organizations, clubs or groups on the Laurentian Campus. The board is involved in policy work and responsible for establishing and abiding by the Constitution and Bylaws for the conduct of its affairs. Each year the Board of Directors is the legal sponsor of elections and referenda for the SGA/AGÉ.

Call for Board Members

The Students’ General Association is seeking applicants for our Board of Directors. To express your interest please send a 200-word summary of your involvement with Laurentian University and the Greater Sudbury community. Please also describe what has motivated you to become involved with the Students’ General Association at the board level. Please send letter of interest to by Wednesday September 14, 2016.

We are seeking to fill the following positions to align with the parameters of our constitution:

1 representative from each undergraduate faculty (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Architecture)

2 representatives from Laurentian University (on campus) students (at least 1 member from federated colleges)

1 representative from the Greater Sudbury community

1 representative from each identified constituency group (Laurentian University Pride, Women’s Centre, Indigenous Student Circle)