Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the Governing body of the association. All significant decisions must pass through the Board of Directors before taking effect. The board is composed of three main groups: the Executive Committee, the Senators, and constituent groups and various other representatives. The Executive Committee includes the President, Vice-President of Policy and Advocacy, Vice-President of Student Life, and the Executive Director. The SGA/AGÉ has six senators, one of which must be elected by the Indigenous Student Circle. There are seats for each of our identified constituency groups as well as three seats for housing one for off-campus, one for Laurentian residence, one for the federated residences, and one for a community or Laurentian representative. The Board of Directors is responsible for approving the budget and annual operations of the SGA/AGÉ. It also ratifies SGA/AGÉ clubs, creates policies to help guide the organization, and is responsible for establishing and abiding by the Constitution and Bylaws for the conduct of its affairs. Each year the Board of Directors is the legal sponsor of the elections and referenda for the SGA/AGÉ.

Members of the Board of Directors

Positions Name Email Program Year
Womens’ Representative Lovette Nyembwa
Community Representative Tannys Laughren Former SGA/AGE Executive Director N/A
Indigenous Representative Christine Trudeau
Pride Representative Kyle Laframboise
International Representative Peter Olowu
Chair & Faculty of Arts Justin Pappano Modern Languages & Lit. 2
Faculty of Education Robert Moyer History and Con Ed. 4
Faculty of Health Taylor Staden Sport Psychology 3
Faculty of Management Noah Blackwell
Faculty of Medicine Jennifer Glassford
Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Architecture Simone Smith
Laurentian Residence Representative Luke Robinson
Federated Residence Representative Levi Clow
Off-Campus Representative Serina Seguin
Barrie Representative Amber Craig  Social Work 4
ISC Senator Natalia Liberty
Senator Matthew Keith
Senator Jacob Fielding
President Eric Chappell BBA
Vice President of Student Life Tomas Antolin Grant ADVL 3
Vice President Education Katlyn Kotila Communications and Political Science 2
Interim COO of the SGA/AGÉ Jenna Thornber SGA COO N/A
First-year rep. Cory Clark


  • Eric Chappell
    Eric Chappell President/ Chief Executive Officer

    Eric is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and the individual responsible for creating and coordinating new policies, services, and strategic plans. Eric collaborates with the Executive Branch, the University, and community partners.

  • Benjamin MacKenzie
    Benjamin MacKenzie Vice President (Student Life)
    Benjamin is responsible for the planning and execution of all campus events surrounding student life. He works with all campus clubs and engages students to help enhance their overall campus life experience.
  • Katlyn Kotila
    Katlyn Kotila Vice President (Education)

    Katlyn represents the student body during conversations with the university and elected officials. It is also Katlyn’s responsibility to make officials aware of student issues and to develop new student initiatives.

Fees & Finances

Where does your money go?

You work hard for your money, and we want you to know exactly where it’s going. As a non-profit organization, the Students’ General Association puts each of your hard earned dollars back into making your university experience the very best it can be. If you have any questions regarding our fees please use the contact form below.

Laurentian University Compulsory Fees 2018-2019

Student ID Card $4.08
Athletics $87.67
Health Services $20.40
Life Insurance $4.00
College or Professional Schools* $10.00
Student Recreation Centre Levy $75.00
Student Center Fee $5.00
Access Copyright Fee $12.00
Total Compulsory Fees $218.15

*Fee will only be charged to pro Schools as of September not all programs will be charged.




LAMBDA (Student Newspaper) $10.00
CKLU 96.7 FM  (Radio Station) $10.00
OUSA (Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance) $3.10
CFS (Canadian Federation of Students) $16.74
Events $15.00
Student Governance $127.40
Sustainability $5.00
Welcome Week $15.00
Health and Dental Plan
Health Plan Debt $3.00
Health Plan* $142.94
Dental Plan* $122.52
Student Centre Fee $114.00
Womyn’s Centre $3.00
World University Service of Canada $3.00
LUCERT $3.00
Laurentian University Pride Centre $2.00
Indigenous Students Circle $3.00
Student Wellness $5.00
UPASS Admin Fee $6.00
UPASS* $196.00
Total SGA Fees $809.70
Total Incidental & SGA Fees  $1027.85

*Opt-out available.




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