Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the Governing body of the association. All major decisions must be pass through the board before taking effect. The board is composed of the executives, senators, one representative from on campus students, one representative from the Laurentian University and/or Sudbury community and one representative from each identified constituency group. The board is responsible for approving budgets and annual operations of the SGA/AGÉ. It is also responsible for recognizing other organizations, clubs or groups on the Laurentian Campus. The board is involved in policy work and responsible for establishing and abiding by the Constitution and Bylaws for the conduct of its affairs. Each year the Board of Directors is the legal sponsor of elections and referenda for the SGA/AGÉ.

Members of the Board of Directors

Positions Name Email Program Year
Womens’ rep. Leah McGillivary Forensics 3
Community rep. Tannys Laughren Former SGA/AGE Executive Director N/A
indigenous rep. Stepfanie Johnston Indigenous Studies 4
Pride rep. Neill Martin Biology 4
Faculty of Art rep. Katlyn Kotila Political Science 1
Faculty of Education rep. Robert Moyer History and Con Ed. 3
Faculty of Health rep. Sarah Vaughan Sports and Physical Education 2
Faculty of Management rep. Roberto Bagnato Sports Administration 4
Faculty of Medicine rep Oluwadamilola Bodunde NOSM 1
Chair & Faculty of Science, Engineering, Architecture Andrew Bradley Geology 3
Residence rep. Marcus Vial Chemical Engineering 1
Off-Campus rep. Ra’anaa Brown Architecture 4
Senator Eric Chappell  Business Admin 3
Senator Tomas Antolin Grant  ADVL 2
Senator Cassidy Houston Nursing 2
Senator Kat Cornelius Human Kinetics 2
Senator Alyssa Mifflin English and Con Ed. 3
VPPA Adewale King Mechanical Engineering 3
President Roch Goulet Psychology and Con Ed. 4
COO of the SGA/AGÉ Amanda Lachapelle SGA COO N/A