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  • African-Caribbean Student Association
    African-Caribbean Student Association LUACSA

    The Laurentian University African Caribbean Students Association brings together individuals with an interest in African or Caribbean cultures and raising awareness about the diversity in those cultures through food, music and a variety of activities throughout every school year.

  • Anthropology Club
    Anthropology Club ANTRClub

    Anthropology is the holistic study of the human species, with an emphasis on biological and cultural evolution, variation, and adaptations in space and time.

  • AuthenticallyU
    AuthenticallyU AULUL

    Encouraging physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Goals include empowering LU students to adopt healthy lifestyle goals.

  • Laurentian Brewmasters
    Laurentian Brewmasters LU Brewmasters
    This new club at LU will explore the art and hobby that is craft brewing through lessons, guest speakers, events, and brewing beer.
  •  Best Buddies
     Best Buddies BBLU

    Best Buddies is an international organization that works one-on-one with individuals in the Sudbury community who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We partner a Laurentian student with an adult in the community.

  • Canada World Youth
    Canada World Youth CWY

    Canada World Youth’s philosophy is “Think globally, Act Locally”. We are a club focused on social justice and environmental issues on a local, national and international level. Through fundraising, volunteering and awareness events we encourage our members and others to become educated and active members of the community to promote equality and positive change.

  • Laurentian Chess Club
    Laurentian Chess Club LCC
    The chess club is dedicated to improving critical thinking and enjoying the game of chess at Laurentian University.
  • Chinese Student and Scholar Association
    Chinese Student and Scholar Association LUCSSA

    Non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization of, by, and for the Chinese students, scholars, and their spouses.

  • Laurentian Christian Fellowship
    Laurentian Christian Fellowship LCF

    Christian students dedicated to bible studies, music nights, international dinners and more!

  • Chemical Engineering Chapter
    Chemical Engineering Chapter LUChEC

    Student run organization for networking and socializing with fellow students in the chemical engineering program.

  • Earth Sciences Club
    Earth Sciences Club ESC
    Club is dedicated to activities catered to Earth Sciences and Environmental Earth Sciences students.
  • Economics Student Association
    Economics Student Association ESA

    The ESA is a student run organization dedicated to bringing together students enrolled in the Economics program.

  • Engineering Student Society
    Engineering Student Society LUESS

    Strive to deliver the best experience for Chemical Engineering students at Laurentian University by planning events, gatherings and tours.

  • Exercise is Medicine
    Exercise is Medicine EIMC

    Exercise is Medicine strives to promote physical activity as a means of treatment & prevention of illness.

  • Laurentian Game Society
    Laurentian Game Society LUGS

    The Laurentian Game Society exists to help provide entertaining events where people can come together to playing a variety of different games.

  • Laurentian University in Focus
    Laurentian University in Focus LUinFocus
    Our goal is to bring students on and off campus together through photography. share our photography knowledge and skills with each other.
  • Laurentian University We Charity
    Laurentian University We Charity LUWC
    We Charity is a club aimed at organising fundraisers, and awareness & social justice campaigns, both globally and locally. The money we raise every year is donated to We Charity, to a country and pillar (Education, Health, Sustainability, Water and Opportunity) of our choice. We also volunteer with local organisations, to enact local change.
  • Huntington University Gerontology Society
    Huntington University Gerontology Society HUGS
    HUGS aims to provide an organized means for the interaction of Gerontology students, to foster interest in the study of Gerontology, to establish a rapport between students and the Department of Gerontology, and to develop community partnerships within Greater Sudbury.
  • Laurentian Interprofessional Health Council
    Laurentian Interprofessional Health Council LIHC


    The purpose of the Laurentian Interprofessional Health Council (LIHC) is to help students of healthcare professions learn collaboratively within and across their disciplines at Laurentian University, in order to gain the knowledge, skills and values required to work with other healthcare professionals.  The LIHC aims to promote and advocate for inter-professionalism in students education so that it is a performed competency before entering the workforce.
  • Laurentian University History Society
    Laurentian University History Society LUHS


    To maintain and strengthen relationships between students and History Department faculty as well as talk about historical events in a casual setting for enjoyment and education.
  • Humanity First – Laurentian University
    Humanity First – Laurentian University Humanity First


    Our purpose is to serve disaster struck and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and families in the poorer communities of the world – both locally, and internationally. At Laurentian University, our aim is to start a movement of change fueled by the youth to serve the less fortunate members of our community and of different remote communities. Humanity First at Laurentian University hopes to uphold the mission and values of Humanity First Canada with the support of its students to better serve those in need.
  • Incontri Italian Club
    Incontri Italian Club Incontri Italian Club
    Inconrti Club is a club in which allows the Italians of Laurentian University as well as Italians within the community to communicate and participate in many different events such as a wine and cheese night, and Festa.  These events incorporate some of the Italian traditions which we continue to see around our community today
  • Laurentian Investors Group
    Laurentian Investors Group LIG
    Finance focused group hosting information sessions, guest speakers, market events
  • Laurentian Laurentian LU Laurentian exists to promote the idea that everyone has mental health and everyone needs to care for it. Currently, due to stigma and discrimination, many students feel that mental health is not relevant to them.  We use creative, attention grabbing and engaging activities to start the conversation and shift how people think about mental health. With initiatives and programs designed for young people, by young people, we will end stigma in our generation.
  • LU Jam Club
    LU Jam Club Jam Club

    Club to encourage informal musical collaboration among students, and provide resources, space, and opportunities. Open to all levels of expertise!

  • Laurentian for Literacy/Frontier College
    Laurentian for Literacy/Frontier College

    In cooperation with Frontier College (a national not-for-profit organization) to provide literacy services to children in the Sudbury area.

  • Laurentian University Gamers Association
    Laurentian University Gamers Association LUGA
    1. To provide opportunities to Laurentian students who participate in video games in order to strengthen and develop a social environment through community-oriented activities, recreational gaming, tournaments, and more.
    2. Our aim is to associate with our current and upcoming members, and host events at Laurentian University as a group in cooperation with the SGA-AGE.
    3. To be given the opportunity to represent Laurentian University with the North American Collegiate Championship (NACC) and the Collegiate Star League (CSL), in addition to strengthening and developing Laurentian University video gamers interpersonal skills.
  • Math & Computer Science Club
    Math & Computer Science Club MCSC

    All things math and computer science! Participate in LAN parties, competitions and provides academic resources to students.

  • Medlife Laurentian
    Medlife Laurentian Medlife


    MEDLIFE is an international NGO that provides access to medicine, education, and development in impoverished communities, with the ultimate goal of sustainably improving quality of life. MEDLIFE develops relationships with residents of the areas they work in to ensure that aid remains continuous and projects are geared towards each community’s unique needs. With the help of student volunteers, medical professionals hired in Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania, and India set up mobile clinics in low-income areas. At Laurentian, our club has two main purposes. The first is to recruit and prepare students for volunteer service trips to Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania, and/or India. The second is to raise money for the MEDLIFE Fund, which supports follow-up medical care and community development projects. In addition, we work to raise awareness about issues of global health and development.


  • Mining Society
    Mining Society LUMS
    LU Mining Society aims to provide academic and industry related knowledge, as well as social events that cater to students in Mining Engineering.
  • Laurentian University Muslim Student Association
    Laurentian University Muslim Student Association LUMSA

    A platform and hub for all Laurentian University students bound together by their common interest in Islam — be it Muslim or non-Muslim.

  • Laurentian University Phi Club
    Laurentian University Phi Club Phi

    The Phi club is dedicated to providing events, gatherings and resources all related to the study of physics at Laurentian University.

  • LU PreMed Club
    LU PreMed Club LU PreMed


    The LU PreMed Club functions as a forum, giving its members the collective ability to help one another to grow both as students and individuals. We believe that by working as a team, we will endeavor to work harder, and strive for our best. Our goal is to educate and support students who have an interest in future in the medical field. This is done through information sessions with health-care professionals, volunteer opportunities, and the creation of peer-support networks.
  • Students Offering Support – Laurentian
    Students Offering Support – Laurentian SOS - Laurentian
    Our Exam-AID initiative coordinates student volunteers, operating at University SOS campus chapters, to run group review sessions prior to an exam for a donation.

    All of the money raised through our Exam-AID’s are used to initiate and create sustainable educational projects in developing nations.

  • Laurentian Ladies in Science
    Laurentian Ladies in Science LLS

    Goal is to provide an environment in which women can discuss their experiences in various scientific fields and settings. Open to all undergraduate and graduate students (male and female alike!)

  • Laurentian University Mine Rescue
    Laurentian University Mine Rescue LUMR
    Introducing students to the field of mine rescue and a chance gain firsthand experience. Participate in mine rescue training and rescue competitions around the province.
    LUMR is the first student Mine Rescue club in Ontario and second in Canada. We are dedicated to encouraging the participation of mining students in mine rescue training to better prepare them for future potential emergencies in their workplace. This will help them to make better informed decisions when they reach a managerial position in the future.
  • Laurentian Neuroscience and Mental Health Association
    Laurentian Neuroscience and Mental Health Association NAMHA


    Our goal is to raise awareness and make a difference on campus and in the community of those who suffer from mental and neurological illness, such as depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Science based in nature, the club will be having some guest speakers and presentations on a variety of topics in this field, in hopes to help better understand the scientific and social aspects behind these types of illness, and to remove stigma and educate those involved. Also, the club will try to do fundraising and awareness promotion for the organizations on campus and in the community that need support for this cause
  • Laurentian University’s Neuroscience Club
    Laurentian University’s Neuroscience Club LUNC
    Students interested in neuroscience that discuss all aspects of consciousness and neuroscience, highlighting advances from Laurentian University students. It’s also a place where we can come together with shared interests, and be able to assist each other with challenging courses like Brain and Behaviour, Neuroanatomy and more.
  • Laurentian Relay For Life
    Laurentian Relay For Life LU Relay
    1. Plan and organize the annual Relay For Life event at Laurentian University.
    2. Fund Canada’s most promising and ground-breaking research against all cancers.
    3. Make a difference in the community by helping those living with cancer to get to life-saving treatment appointments and providing access to other key support programs.
    4. Help raise awareness about the information, support services, prevention, research, and advocacy work led by the Canadian Cancer Society.
  • Reach Accès Zhibbi Interprofessional Student-Led Clinic
    Reach Accès Zhibbi Interprofessional Student-Led Clinic RAZ
    The mission of RAZ has two components: i) RAZ is an interprofessional student clinic designed to provide collaborative and compassionate health and social care services to populations living in vulnerable situations; and, ii) to facilitate leadership opportunities and clinical placement experiences to students in multiple health professions through participation with RAZ’s community partners.
  • Friends of MSF – NOSM
    Friends of MSF – NOSM Friends of MSF
    Friends of MSF group is a volunteer group that operates in a University community largely independent of the day-to-day operations of MSF Canada. To this end, they organize activities, such as conferences, photo exhibitions, film projections, publications, etc., under the supervision of an Association member with one or more MSF missions as a humanitarian field worked.
  • Laurentian Shinerama
    Laurentian Shinerama LU SHINE
    Laurentian chapter of the national post-secondary fundraiser Shinerama, benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Spreading awareness about cystic fibrosis and fundraising for CFC!
  • Voyageur Racing Club
    Voyageur Racing Club LUVRC
    LUVRC is designed to educate students by designing, manufacturing, financing and competing with an off-road dune buggy in international competitions.
  • Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Association
    Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Association WGSSA

    Catered towards students in the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality program but welcomes all individuals. One of the goals of the association is to provide a safe space and promote an open-environment.

  • World University Service of Canada
    World University Service of Canada WUSC
    WUSC Laurentian is the local chapter of a larger not-for-profit Canadian organization entitled World University Service of Canada which carries the goal of empowering youth around the world by means of education, employment and a safe, nourishing environment. On campus this is accomplished through various campaigns including the student refugee sponsorship.