Student Center

On March 19 and 20, 2014 the Laurentian University SGA held a referendum that was in favor of building a new Student Centre through an incremental incidental fee that would fund the proposed $10 million dollar project.

This project is being managed by the Capital Projects Department of Laurentian University however it is a project by the students and for the students.

Building Description

The Student Centre Building will be a two-story facility with a total of about 15,100 square feet which will contain three key units: the public portion of the building, the membership portion of the building, and the SGA administration area. The main entrance to the building will be located at the south-west corner of the main level. The lower floor is a split level floor with the northern portion constructed at the same elevation as the West Residence and the southern portion of the floorplate constructed 3’ lower.

The primary focal point of the building will be a large atrium space which will include a large fireplace and lounge furniture. This atrium will also be open to the study rooms, games room, and upper floor lobby.

The Student Centre building will be designed to the highest standards of sustainability.

The anticipated completion date is to be summer 2019 so that the Student Centre is ready for the student’s 2019 school year.

The selection of the contractor for the construction of the building will be through a stipulated sum contract that will go out for tender. A general contractor is intended to be selected in January 2018, so construction can begin in February 2018.

The construction budget has been set at $6,900,000.

Opportunity & Student Spaces

The SGA student center project opens many opportunities for students. There will be student employment opportunities, food and beverage options, and SGA services. In the SGA members-only section of the building, there will be a large atrium space with comfortable lounge furniture, various study spaces, a games room and more.

For More Information

For more information, email your questions to the SGA president at

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