Your One Stop Student Info Desk

The V-Desk is your access point to events on campus, as well as all the information you need on SGA and Laurentian services! Located in the Bowling Alley (A-116), the V-Desk is open late to connect you with what you need. First and foremost the V-Desk is the SGA service desk offering you access to the Health Plan and claims, the U-Pass, support and appeals, and the Student Food Bank. We are the primary sales point for all SGA Club events, concerts, and community events here on campus.

Event Tickets

Purchase tickets to the best events! Or, have an event? You can sell tickets through the V-Desk!

Purolator Shipping

From shipping packages to purchasing stamps, the V-Desk can take care of your shipping needs!

Food Bank

An emergency food access point to students and their families. This is a free service to all students. Pre-made care packages are available at the V-Desk.

Lost Student Card

Lost Student IDs typically get turned in at our V-Desk. Lost your ID? Stop by, it might be here waiting for you!

ISIC Cards

Have your International Student Identification Card printed here.

SPC Card

Student Price Cards can be purchased at the V-Desk ($10) and can score you discounts at some of your favourite stores!

Book Appointments

Book appointments with the Sudbury Dental Hygienist Clinic through our V-Desk!

Sell Merchandise

Clubs, associations, and faculties are invited to use the V-Desk to sell their merchandise!

Clubs Room Booking

Clubs are free to book our Clubs Room. Simply stop by the V-Desk for availability, and book the room when you need it!

Contact the V-Desk

The V-Desk is open Monday–Thursday from 8am–7pm, and Fridays (and during Exams) from 8am–4pm. You can contact them directly at 705-673-6547 or by email