Welcome Week


The SGA wants to thank all of the participants and sponsors for the 2017-2018 Welcome Week. It was a great success! We hope everyone had an amazing time and we look forward to an even bigger week next year!

Welcome Week 2017 / 2018

Welcome Week 2017/18 will be the best one yet, featuring a week of fun and exciting events that will help new students with their transition to University life, learn their way around the campus, and become part of the Voyageurs family.


Open Mic, Coffee House and AMA

Got Talent? Show off at our Open mic coffee house event! We set up the stage, it’s ready for you to entertain your peers. Just bring your talent and/or instruments and we will provide the stage, sound, coffee, and popcorn! We have great prizes ready to give away at this event, and we will be live streaming it to our SGA social media accounts. Take the opportunity to check out our amazing downtown venue at the School of Architecture. There will also be an SGA Executive Ask Me Anything session, so prepare your questions for the Execs!

Beach Day

Fun in the Sun! Come hang out with the SGA at the Laurentian Beach for our Welcome week beach party and enjoy a free BBQ, live djs, and beach sports! September 2nd from 11am to 4pm at Laurentian Beach.

Volume Concert

Our most anticipated event! The Volume concert will be held off-campus at the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre located at Bell Park, a few short km from campus. Come out to see great acts like the Keyframes, Kizar, Taco Fiesta, Karl Wolf, GOLIATH, and our headliner, Dragonette! The event starts at 5 PM and ends around 11:30.