On March 19 and 20, 2014 the Laurentian University Students’ General Association held a referendum that was in favour of building a new Student Centre through an incremental incidental fee. This fee would fund the project managed by Capital Projects. Since this time, SGA/AGÉ students have been paying a yearly Student Centre fee of $114.

Today, the SGA/AGÉ is proud to announce the long awaited opening of the SGA/AGÉ Student Centre. A space that is for the students by the students.

Hours of Operation

  • V-Desk – Open 8:00am – 9:00pm
  • Lobby (Open to all students) – 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • SGA/AGÉ Office – 9:00am – 4:00pm

The SGA/AGÉ Student Centre is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except for special events) to SGA/AGÉ members and those who have purchased the SGA/AGÉ Student Centre Pass. To enter the Members Only section of the building or to enter the building after hours you will need to use your OneCard. There is a card reader located at each entrance. Tap and hold your card to unlock the door.

SGA/AGÉ Student Centre Pass

Not an SGA/AGÉ Student? Don’t forget to purchase your pass!

To gain entry into the members only area you can purchase a SGA/AGÉ Student Centre Pass which provides you exclusive access to the student centre for the entire academic year. (SGA/AGÉ members and those who purchase the SGA/AGÉ Student Centre Pass will be given card access via their One Card. All students will be able to enter the lobby of the building during the hours of operation but only those with a pass will be able to enter the members only area or enter the building after hours.)

Price: $200 (tax included)

Get your SGA/AGÉ Student Centre Pass TODAY!

Go to to purchase your pass.

Building Description

The SGA/AGÉ Student Centre building is a two-story state of the art building which contains 2 key areas: 

  • The Lobby – Located on the upper level of the building. This space is open to the public and includes features such as:
    • A grad photographer
    • A dental hygienist
    • Two unique pop-up shop areas
    • The clubs room – for all of your club meetings and needs
    • Old Rock Coffee shop
    • The SGA/AGÉ Office
    • The V-Desk.
  • The SGA/AGÉ Members Only Area – Located on the lower level of the building. This space requires exclusive access and includes features such as:
    • Various study rooms
    • The projects room – equipped with a green screen and the latest technology
    • A gamer’s room – equipped with a flatscreen television and a large variety of gaming consoles and video games
    • A games room – here you will find a pool table, foosball table and ping-pong table all for your enjoyment!
    • A beautiful atrium with a cozy fireplace and comfortable lounge furniture. 

The SGA/AGÉ Student Centre is also designed to be as accessible as possible and meet high standards of environmental sustainability.


Join us for the Official Grand Opening of the SGA/AGÉ Student Centre!


The V-Desk is your one stop shop to all things SGA/AGÉ!

Any questions or concerns? Want to rent game equipment, book a room in the building, or gain access to any other ammenities? See V-Desk for more information! The V-Desk is located in the main lobby of the SGA/AGÉ Student Centre. 

For More Information

For more information about the SGA/AGÉ Student Centre please visit the V-Desk or email